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About the film

Perfect love is a film about love, lust, obsession, and murder. In this day and age you have to stop and wonder; are stalkers the last true romantics?

About the production process:

By using only 3 locations, and 3 actors for the majority of the film we will be able to focus every ounce of energy on realizing the maximum potential of every scene and get the most out of a limited budget.

There will be no shaky camera work, and no dimly lit scenes in this film. We’re professionals and we want to make a film that we would pay to see, but more importantly a film that YOU would pay to see.



The film centers around James, a die-hard romantic whose fiancee’ got cold feet and left him out in the cold. When James moves to an old house in the middle of nowhere to wallow, strange things start happening. Only his friend Kyle knows where James has wandered off to, and he visits him regularly. James desperate to  discover the source of the  disturbances at the house, stubmbles upon  some relics of a previous tenant who he becomes obsessed with. As more and more peculiar things happen at the house, it is difficult to tell what the source of the problem is.

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